All Mountain / Piste

From pizza to french fries. The bunny hill to the Harakiri.

K2's DISRUPTION range is developed with a model in mind for every kind of skier on the mountain.


Ti I Beam / Dark Matter / Powerwall

The DISRUPTION Ti range has top level dampening, unbelievable grip and the stability to help you push your limits.

Recommended for the strong, powerful skiers who need a stable platform for high speed confidence.

Ti2 - High Speed / Long Turns / Piste

MTi / MTi W - Mid/High Speed / Medium Turns / Piste

STi - Mid Speed / Quick Turns / Piste

82 Ti / 81 Ti W- High Speed / Long Turns / All Mountain

78 Ti - Medium Speed / All Mountain / Medium Turns

Coming soon / Which ski is right for me?


Carbon 'I' Beam / Powerwall / Dark Matter

The DISRUPTION C Series is perfect for working on your ski technique.

Want energy in your turn, without all the hard work?

Sounds great right? Welcome the Carbon 'I' Beam!

Unlike with a Ti ski, Carbon is a lighter material, giving a predictable yet precise feel. With a great grip to turn ratio, ensuring confidence for your hard snow turns.

Recommended for progressing or controlled skiers where high speed is not a goal.

SC / SC W- Short turn / Energetic

78C / 78 C W- Medium Turn / Predictable

76X / 76C W - Easy Turn / Confidence Inspiring