Solo Stove

Solo Stove are the original Smokeless Firepit brand from from the USA.

Solo Stove design simple, ingenious outdoor products to help individuals create good moments that become lasting memories.

They are driven by the mantra of creating good. Their range of fire pits, camp stoves, grills, and accessories is meticulously designed to facilitate a connection with whatever brings goodness to each person. Whether it's experiencing a primal moment of awe in front of a mesmerizing flame, savouring a hot sip of coffee amidst the mountains, or witnessing the sheer delight on a child's face as they bite into a delicious s'more, their products aim to enhance these experiences.

Recognizing their place within a shared humanity, Solo Stove is deeply grateful for the opportunities to forge connections with loved ones, evoke meaningful reflections, and appreciate the breath-taking beauty of nature. Through the creation of good moments, they aspire to leave a lasting impact on people's lives.

Good moments. Good memories. Good products. All in pursuit of enabling individuals to lead a good life.
  • 800,000+ Fire Pits Sold
  • Gather around smokeless fires that matter.
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • 40,000 5-Star Reviews
  • Customers worldwide love Solo Stove.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • We stand by our products' quality, always.


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