K2 Mindbender Collection

 Back for another year with even more awards on the mantle and some seriously fresh new graphics, K2's Mindbender freeride skis and boots are ready to rumble, no matter where your on-hill adventures might take you. With options for men and women, and for ability levels from intermediate to pro, you won't find a more complete, high-performance lineup - and especially not one that looks this good. Whether you're gunning for a Freeride World Tour podium, heading on that dream trip to Japan, ripping early-morning groomer laps at the resort, or simply looking to purchase your first pair of freeride boards, the Mindbender collection has what you need.


 With the new Mindbender skis we aimed to create movement within a rigid landscape. We wanted you to question what you see, what you feel, and what you know. These visuals, patterns, and colors are a result of people taking it one step further and bringing a little piece of the journey back to reality. Mindbender encapsulates the feeling of freeride skiing and will leave you wanting more.



titanal beam


 Titanal has long been used in high-end skis and is known for providing a damp, stable ride at high speeds and on variable terrain, but our Y-Beam technology takes things a step further with dramatically enhanced performance tuning. Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the shovel of the ski provide precise, powerful turn initiation, while the narrower metal shape in the tail of the ski provides the support you need for charging while still remaining maneuverable, forgiving, and easy to break free from turns. You can find Titanal Y-Beam technology on our Mindbender 108Ti, Mindbender 99Ti, Mindbender 90Ti, Mindbender 98Ti Alliance, and Mindbender 88Ti Alliance skis.


spectral braid


Our Spectral Braid technology runs a weave of fibers that intersect at variable angles from tip to tail, allowing us to build the perfect flex characteristics into each specific zone of the ski. This creates skis with a lively, lightweight feel that provide confident turn initiation, solid edge hold underfoot, and tails that are easy to disengage from turns, allowing for quick pivots, slashes, and speed checks. You can find Spectral Braid technology on our Mindbender 116C, Mindbender 90C, Mindbender 115C Alliance, Mindbender 106C Alliance, and Mindbender 90C Alliance skis.